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Getting by and staying sane during ever-changing restrictions

People continue to push forward
Getting by and staying sane during ever-changing restrictions
Posted at 9:37 PM, Nov 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-18 00:13:26-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — With all the new restrictions that keep coming and changing, we’ve told you the many stories of businesses trying to get by, but the effects of 2020 reach much farther than our economy.

There is no doubt increased restrictions make things harder for business though. At Trader Joe's in Colorado Springs Tuesday evening, a reduced capacity meant a line of customers waiting to get in. But for the people in that line, they still have to live their lives at full capacity.

"It gets boring, it gets tiring,” shopper Lisa Smith said.

"We are stuck at home a little more obviously,” shopper Natalie Carter said.

This year has brought these people new realities.

"My husband previously went into the office and now he's at home with us as well,” Carter said.

It’s brought them new adventures.

"I did buy an RV a couple months ago, just to get out of town,” Smith said.

And this year has also brought them time to try to get used to things.

"We've got people lined up out here, we're limiting people. We changed things a little bit, and I think people are okay,” shopper Eric Bulman said.

But it’s hard when things keep changing.

"I just know that I hear cases are going up,” Bulman said.

They say they're also confused with the messaging from our leaders., saying it seems to change too often.

"I couldn't find a clear story that said, this is what we're recommending,” Bulman said.

And for the personal stress that comes along, they have to be their own support system.

"It is tough being away from everybody that you want to be with… even my children,” Smith said.

The one constant? They just have to keep living at full capacity in a reduced capacity world.

"But you just try something totally different. Because you can't just sit there,” she said. “That's when you make your mind crazy."