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Former physical therapist opens up Sugar Moon Mobile Bar Co.

Former physical therapist opens up Sugar Moon Mobile Bar Co.
Posted at 7:30 AM, Oct 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-18 09:58:29-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Known as, “The Great Resignation,” the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a time for many people to reconsider their career choices. As a result, one local business owner left her career as a physical therapist and try something new.

Kelli Crosby, the owner of Sugar Moon Mobile Bar Co., has lived such an inspiring life. After interning and working as a physical therapist for 7 years, Kelli started Synergy Manual Physical Therapy in 2009 with 3 friends and opened 2 clinics simultaneously. That same year, Kelli started Crosby PT Consulting, wrote and self-published How to Think Like a Physical Therapist, In Your Everyday Life, and started doing wellness lectures.

However, Kelli experienced a life-changing moment two years later when she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011. This inspired her to create colon cancer awareness jewelry to sell on Etsy and prompted Kelli to realize that life is short.

While doing the research for a wedding venue business, she kept seeing pictures of mobile bars made from horse trailers and campers and thought renovating a camper sounded like fun. Kelli wanted it to be called a beverage catering company in Denver and was encouraged that creating a mobile bar party rental company would be a niche. With the support of her husband, Kelli was able to convince her family that this was her new passion.

Kelli bought the camper in March 2020 and gave notice to her business partners. She then retired from PT in late May 2020, sold the shares of her company, and created the business entity of Sugar Moon. Kelli bought the Cushman in August 2020 and finished renovating both bars by late May 2021. What makes each camper special is how sentimental each one is. The Camper Bar is named after her grandmother, Betty. The Cushman Tap Truck is named after Betty’s great grandfather. Kelli was reminded of her grandfather the first time she fired up the engine on the Cushman Tap Truck.

In early June 2021, she launched Sugar Moon “open for business” and did her first paid event in July 2021! She is so thrilled and still has open bookings for the holiday season. To book the mobile bar, visit here.