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Fireworks Stands booming with business, but not inventory

Ordering fireworks usually starts an entire year in advance
Posted at 6:20 PM, Jun 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-29 20:20:10-04

PUEBLO — All over the country people are looking forward to lighting up the sky this Fourth of July, but they might not be able to due to distribution problems.

“There’s a major shortage with fireworks this year… Trying to get them here, and the shipping is super expensive,” said one store manager.

The fireworks stand in the parking lot of the North Side Walmart in Pueblo is one of the few who still have "an assortment" of fireworks.

"Prices are a little bit higher, but I mean, we’re here! Everything’s going up so it’s not just fireworks.”

The same issues the country is seeing when it comes to gas stations receiving new deliveries of gas, is what is happening to fireworks. However, even though prices are higher, customers do not mind, they "just want fireworks".

As we continue rebounding from the effects of the pandemic, most people are ready to celebrate bigger and better than ever before after festivities were canceled last year due to the Coronavirus.

“That was kind of a bummer, but now, hopefully with this new mask lifts… It’s going to be more fun right!?” said one customer.

Another customer lives in Puerto Rico, but while visiting his son in Colorado said "From where I come from, or where I live now in Puerto Rico… I see here… Things are more like lenient, and more relaxed, so I guess they’re going to have more fun than we are!”.

If you have not had the chance to get your fireworks for the upcoming holiday weekend yet, store managers say to go sooner than later.

“I would say just come now and get what you want...There’s a good variety right now, so you’d be able to pick and choose right now. It’s going to get a little crazy later because it’s busy and there’s not going to be as much.”

In Pueblo there are stands in the Walmart parking lot off of Dillon Drive, the Pueblo West Walmart parking lot, the old KMart off of Elizabeth Street, and out in the county at Romero's Mexican Restaurant.

It is illegal in Colorado to shoot off certain fireworks, so most of these stands will only carry fireworks that perform lower than six feet in the air.