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Expect more tornadoes in the next few months following the first report of the season Tuesday

Haswell Tornado
Monthly Tornado Average in Colorado
Tornado reports by County Colorado
Posted at 9:07 AM, Apr 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-29 11:07:18-04

The first tornado of the season was captured on video near Haswell, Colorado, way out east in Kiowa County.

Video shared with us by Bryan Pezman and his crew Storm Chase Geeks, shows a classic Colorado landspout moving over the road as fellow storm chasers drive right at it!

Tornado season in Colorado usually starts sometime in late April, but the peak usually comes in early to mid June.

Monthly Tornado Average in Colorado
Average number of tornadoes per month in Colorado - Data courtesy of Colorado Climate Center

The data above supplied by the Colorado Climate Center shows May, June, and July, as the three most likely months for tornadoes in Colorado.

Tornado reports by County Colorado
Tornado reports by county in Colorado from 1950 - 2020

The map above shows all of our reported tornadoes from 1950 through 2020. Most of the tornadoes reported in Colorado occur east of the mountains out in the open plains.

El Paso County has had almost 5 times as many reported tornadoes as Pueblo, but the king for tornado reports in Weld County.

Warm and humid air fuels tornadic thunderstorms, and that same air is more commonly found in the plains than it is in the mountains.

Thunderstorm triggers like cold fronts and dry lines also tend to slide east of the mountains in the plains.