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Even minor storm damage needs inspection

Posted at 8:23 PM, Aug 06, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — The storm that hit the Pikes Peak region Wednesday may not have had the intensity of a severe storm that hit in 2018, but it still left behind some damage.

In the Cheyenne Creek area, several homes had damage to roofs and gutters, and major leaves and other debris littered streets, yards, and the creek itself.

Experts say while the damage may look minimal at first glance, it's still important to have your homes examined after these kinds of storms to make sure there are no surprises that might cost you later.

"You're gonna want to look at all the accessories on the roof, you know, everything. You're gonna want to look at the window screens, the metal around your windows, a complete inspection, not just the roof and gutters," said Henry Gott, a project manager at Interstate Roofing.

Interstate Roofing says your insurance company owes you for storm damage, even if that damage appears minimal.

They also say granules from roof shingles will wash out because of hail damage, which could cause further issues if not addressed immediately.