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Election Watch: School board races and district bond issues

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Posted at 9:22 PM, Nov 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 15:59:03-04

SOUTHERN COLORADO — School board elections are getting more attention across the country. Typically, races are low profile and low costs but hot-button issues such as the presidential election, mask-wearing, and Critical Race Theory are pushing more interest.

The powers that school board members have range-wide, and they include decisions about curriculum and COVID-19 protocols.

El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman says there seems to be an increase in candidates this year.

"Especially in District 20, there is a total of ten. It is a very competitive and perhaps heated contest, but that is what makes democracy fun," said Broerman.

In District 11, nearly four times the amount of money was raised by candidates than in the last cycle.

In 2017, candidates raised a little over $17,000. In 2021, the number sits at nearly $71,000.

District 20 saw a similar jump. In 2017, the school board candidates raised close to $29,000. This year, the total tops out at over $75,000.

Check our Election Watch section for more coverage, or get right to the Election Results.

Below are some of the races and bond issues we are following in some of the area's largest school districts:

Unofficial results as of 11:55 A.M. with over 90% of precincts reporting

School District 11 4B Bond IssueVotesPercentage

School District 11 Director (2-year)VotesPercentage
Al Loma18,14652.58%
Shawn Gullison16,36247.42%

School District 11 Director (4-year)VotesPercentage
Jennifer Williamson11,72213.38%
Lauren Nelson17,53420.02%
Sandra Bankes17,94020.49%
John Gustafson9,81211.20%
Rebecca Kenderine4,6085.26%
Julie Ott13,09914.96%
Chris Wallis12,86114.69%

Cheyenne Mountain D12 DirectorVotesPercentage
Randy Case3,61130.99%
Nissa Steinhour3,06626.31%
Ra Ann Weber1,72914.84%
Mary Louise Fiddler1,54113.22%
Mark Alanis8977.70%
Lynne Platt8106.95%

Manitou School Dist 14 4C Bond IssueVotesPercentage

Manitou School District 14 DirectorVotesPercentage
Christina Vidovich1,30047.08%
Natalie Johnson1,46152.92%

Academy School District 20 DirectorVotesPercentage
Nathan Johnson3,6145.17%
Lindsay Moore3,0024.29%
Jason Silva2,4573.51%
Tiana Clark7,26710.40%
Brian Coram7,17410.26%
Nicole Konz12,74618.23%
Aaron Salt11,84616.95%
Jackie Lesh7,54410.79%
Thomas LaValley12,48517.86%
Michael Riffle1,7662.53%

School District 49 4A Mill LevyVotesPercentage

School District 49 Director District 1VotesPercentage
Dave Cruson86330.91%
Fadil Lee30911.07%
Jamilynn D'Avola1,62058.02%

School District 49 Director District 4VotesPercentage
Tammy Harold84136.14%
Ivy Liu1,48663.86%

School District 49 Director District 5VotesPercentage
Lori Thompson1,27859.92%
Elmer Harris67931.83%
Justin Jakovac1768.25%

Harrison School District 2 4D TABORVotesPercentage

Harrison School District 2 Director District 1VotesPercentage
Michelle Willis-Hill2,31524.37%
Kimieko Otamura1,23513.00%
Janice Frazier2,16822.82%
Joyce Salazar2,30724.28%
Keesha Lewis1,47515.53%

Fountain-Fort Carson District 8 Director (4-year)VotesPercentage
Shirley Martinez1,08933.60%
Kenneth Coffee Jr.1,12934.83%
Michelle Massaro1,02331.56%

Hanover School District 28 DirectorVotesPercentage
James Bolish3510.57%
Edward Sweazy10331.12%
Matthew Grove4714.20%
Thomas Lippert14644.11%

Peyton School District 23JT TABORVotesPercentage

Peyton School District 23J DirectorVotes Percentage
Kelli Markus47532.65%
Julie Mannering53036.43%
Buff Cavanagh45030.93%

Widefield School District 3 DirectorVotesPercentage
Maria Henderson1,40211.24%
Gregory Fisher2,23517.91%
Susan Graham2,10416.85%
Dolly Handel1,80514.47%
David Dock2,38119.08%
Donna Walsh2,55020.44%

Pueblo D70 Director District 1VotesPercentage
Aaron Wilson4,67346%
Paulette Frye3,19731%
Marla Reichert2,36723%

Pueblo D70 Director District 2VotesPercentage
Anne Ochs4,32143%
Frederick Quintana3,18832%
Daniel Toussaint2,45425%

Pueblo D70 Director District 3VotesPercentage
Stephanie Catalano3,45735.58%
Cathleen Howland3,53036.32%
Kayla Marker2,73028.10%

Click here for Election Results after 7:00pm MST.

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