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El Paso County preps for winter storm

Snow plow drivers are ready for the roads
County preparations for incoming cold front
Posted at 11:06 PM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 01:06:18-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — The first serious cold front is moving into Colorado Springs on Thursday, potentially bringing snow with it. Those with El Paso County Public Works said they have been prepping for weeks for the first snowfall.

The Deputy Director of the El Paso County Public Works said they typically spend the most time in the Palmer Divide and Monument area, but that could change at any time because of Colorado weather. "It's like a chess game," said Deputy Director Kevin Mastin.

Mastin said that fortunately, the ground temperatures will be warm heading into this first cold front, meaning the snow or ice should melt off the road fairly quickly. "The snow event every season is like the Super Bowl for our team, and they're ready for the game, they're ready for it, to go out and take care of it, to knock it out of the park and make sure again the roads are good for the citizens of El Paso County," said Mastin.

A local business said they have been working to help people prepare for the cold front at their homes. The business, Native Landscapes, makes sure water does not get frozen inside of sprinklers. "Our services are an average of $40, and if you don't do our services or anyone else's, the repairs themselves would be from $200-$250," said Anthony Kreashko, the owner and operator of Native Landscapes.

Those with Public Works also said it can be dangerous to try and pass a snow plow while on the road, so give the truck some space and be patient.

If you are planning to fly out of Denver International Airport on Thursday, check with your airline in advance to confirm your flight.