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'Dry January' amid COVID-19 related spike in alcohol consumption

A new sober living home for women and children is open in Colorado Springs
"Dry January" is a nationwide challenge to refuse any alcohol for the entire month
Posted at 2:07 AM, Jan 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-13 10:34:05-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — This year's "Dry January" challenge, the trend to go alcohol-free for the entire month, could be harder for more people this year.

A report by theMassachusetts General Hospital says a nationwide survey of United States adults found a 21% increase in habits like binge drinking after the pandemic hit.

"During quarantine (we) consumed more for sure," said Zach Heard.

Heard and his girlfriend are participating in Dry January.

"Definitely better as a couple and not tempting each other I think is a big thing," said Heard.

For others in Colorado Springs, the value of sobriety surpasses a single month out of the year.

"Addiction runs in my family pretty strong, so my mom was actually living in a sober house," said Ashlee Noth, the Founder and Owner of the Emersyn House.

The Emersyn House is a new, low-cost sober living home for women and children five and under.

"I wanted to provide a beautiful, safe, happy house for these people that are trying to get their life back on track," said Noth,

Noth agrees with Heard, saying a supportive community is one of the biggest factors in a successful journey to sobriety.

"I think the support system is the most important part, just making sure that you have people that are actually going to support you and truly believe in what you're doing."

If you know and woman in need of a sober living space, the Emersyn House still has openings and can be contactedhere.