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Disturbing video shows Liberty Middle School student beaten in school hallway

Instagram account "Lib_Fights2022" features 11 videos posted this year
Disturbing video shows Liberty Middle School student beaten in school hallway
Posted at 7:39 AM, May 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-05 09:39:36-04

DENVER — A disturbing video circulating around Liberty Middle School shows a student completely defenseless as he's pinned to the ground and beaten. After some time, the other student involved stood up and kicked the victim in the face — creating a sound that was captured on cellphone video yards away.

Cherry Creek School District confirmed there was a fight at the school Tuesday, stating law enforcement was notified.

One mother, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear for her child, said her son witnessed the fight.

"He sent me the two videos and said, "I don't feel safe going to school,"" the mother said. "This was just what the tip of the iceberg for me."

The mother says she's not convinced this was a singular incident at Liberty, considering the Instagram account called "Lib_Fights2022." Eleven videos have been posted to the account this year.

"It shows kids — whether they're on a bus, or in the bathroom or in the hall — just beating each other up," the mother said.

Cherry Creek School District issued a statement to Denver7, saying in part, "We are aware of social media accounts similar to [Lib_Fights2022] popping up at various times throughout the year for many of our middle and high schools. Each time a site such as this is reported to us, we work to take the site down and we make contact with students."

The district also specified that "Lib_Fights2022" has been reported to Instagram.

"You always think of Cherry Creek School District as being the gold standard for school districts in Colorado," the mother said.

Yet, she says she's seen enough.

"It just seems like my experience and my son's experience with the middle school in his first year has been nothing short of a nightmare," the mother said.