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District schools' plans for returning student property

Posted at 5:54 PM, May 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-14 20:09:30-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — School districts in Colorado are implementing processes for students to safely pick-up and return their school supplies and materials.

School districts want to ensure a safe and efficient pick up and drop off of all school materials. To abide by social distancing guidelines and the safer-at-home order, here is what your school district needs to know:

District 11: Colorado Springs - Working with schools individually for each of the 55 schools. Basic social distancing guidelines apply, but the district is currently organizing dates and times with parents. You should be updated by your principal via email on next steps.

District 20: Academy - Plan to announce next steps about graduation and end of year activities this Friday in eNewsletter. For an update on the eNewsletter, click here.

District 12: Cheyenne Mountain - Using the week of May 18 to organize end-of-year tasks, including gathering belongings, returning devices, materials, retrieving records, etc. This will be done following social distancing guidelines. For more information regarding these plans will be posted once the district understands the restrictions in place. Check their website for updates here.

District 38: Lewis-Palmer - Beginning the last week of May and into June, school and district leaders will be developing and validating detailed plans in collaboration with other districts while following current guidance. Visit the school district's website here for more information.

District 49: Falcon - As District 49 comes closer to the last day of instruction, they are making arrangements to collect D49 devices on loan to families for this season of E-learning. The plan is to collect all Chromebooks beginning Monday, May 18. If you checked out one or more D49 Chromebooks for E-learning, please return those devices and charging cables (in a plastic bag, if possible) to the only collection point at Vista Ridge High School.

District 70: Pueblo - D70 is working with our principals, maintenance, and custodial staff to determine the safest strategy to collect items. Your school principal will contact you via email and phone call with the schedule in the next two weeks.

District 60: Pueblo City - Working on plans, and will share once plan is completed. For more information on this school district, click here.

District RJ-1: Calhan - Ipad return will take place on Tuesday, May 19th from 9:00AM - 11:00AM and 4:30PM - 6:30PM in the horseshoe parking lot in front of the main building of the school. for more information, click here.

District Fremont Re-1: Canon City - Collecting all Chromebooks at the end of May so they can perform routine maintenance on them prior to the 2020-21 school year. The hope is this can be done in a tightly scheduled and controlled manner and as part of the effort to allow students to see their teachers in person one last time before the summer. Each school will communicate this plan to parents as they get closer to needing to do so. Please also note the Class of 2021 will NOT be required to turn their Chromebooks in, as many of them will need them to continue work on their capstone projects.

District 3: Widefield - Already begun to collect school materials and allow students to pick up any remaining items from school. Tomorrow will be the last day of instructions and Distance Learning, but all schools should have done pick up and drop off by the end of day tomorrow.

District 28: Hanover - Each school’s teachers will communicate by email with you with the specific plans for both the device drop off and the picking up of your child’s materials that may still be at the school. The Junior-Senior High School is still waiting on the El Paso County Health Department’s approval for the plan to have students enter the building to clean out their lockers at designated times. Based on their response the plan, that information will be shared with parents. The elementary school schedule is to drop of devices (if you have one) and be given your child’s materials left at the school. When you arrive you, will drop off the device on the table, and the staff member will bring you a bag with your child’s items.

Social distancing is required at all times during this exchange. Between exchanged a staff member will wipe down the table with disinfectant. For more information, click here.

District 2: Harrison - Encouraging you to refer to reliable sources for ongoing information as this incident is rapidly evolving. HSD2 will update staff and families via email and our website with any new information we need to share. Follow this link to their website.

District 14: Manitou - this is the last week for exchange from the schools. You should receive more information regarding your child's school pick-up and drop-off time via email. For more information, click here.

If you have any more questions or concerns, contact your school district directly.