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Deadly motorcycle accidents spark cry for change in Pueblo

Motorcycle on Highway 24
Posted at 10:43 AM, Jun 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 08:00:34-04

PUEBLO — Motorcycle accidents in Pueblo have been a common trend in just one week.

On Monday, Pueblo had reportedly three separate motorcycle accidents throughout the day.

"The last ride of a biker is in the casket and us following you. And I don’t want to see that. I’ve seen that plenty of times and I don’t want to see that no more," said Anthony Haro, a frequent biker in Pueblo.

On Saturday, two people lost their lives while on motorcycles, after the Pueblo Police Department confirmed a woman under the influence ran a red light and hit the bikers. The family and friends of the victims hosted a vigil on Sunday night in their honor.

“It’s hard to hear news that people go down like the, cause I knew a couple of the people that went down on Northern (Avenue)," said Haro.

Some members of the biker community in Pueblo are ready to speak out about the problems, how drivers can take more caution behind the wheel, and how motorcyclists can enjoy their rides more safely. The biker community will be hosting an event on Sunday at 7:00 pm in the K-Mart parking lot on the southside to discuss problems on the road and possible solutions.

“Just pay attention to the road cause there’s more bikers now and there’s a lot more people in Pueblo,” said Haro.

The Pueblo Police Department says this is a problem that requires everyone in Pueblo's efforts to help stop.

“Motorcycles.. They need to slow down and be more cognizant of other motoring public on the roadway. As far as cars, they need to do the exact same thing," said the head Sergeant of Traffic for the PPD.

"Everybody is in a hurry, everybody is not paying attention. Nobody worries about the other drivers on the road. Defensive driving is not a high priority."

According to CDOT, 2020 was Colorado's deadliest year for motorcycle accidents as 137 motorcyclists died statewide.

Under Colorado law. motorcyclists over 18 years of age are only required to have a motorcycle endorsement and wear eye protection. Helmets, other safety gear, and continued professional training are recommended.

News5 would like to know if you believe more safety requirements should be in place for motorcyclists.