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D-2 Computer science teacher reflects on the past year of the pandemic

STEM Education
Posted at 5:50 AM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-30 08:21:08-04

SOUTHERN COLORADO — Teaching has been quite the challenge during the pandemic and teaching science is no exception. Despite constantly changing learning environments, STEM educators in Southern Colorado are finding ways to stay connected and support their kids.

District two Computer Science teacher, Dave Kagarise, teaches 9TH through 12TH graders at Sierra High School.

Mr. Kagarise says using technology to connect with students isn't the difficult part for him because he's used to it. What has been difficult is being able to take the knowledge that he wants to teach and putting it in a format that they understand.

"Deep down I know they aren't going to remember what I teach, but what I want them to remember is that I treated them with respect and integrity, and that I was honest and that I cared about them," Kagarise said.

In normal times students would be able to work in groups, clustered around a table sharing equipment but these are not normal times.

"It's more about the relationships for me as a teacher in the classroom, and I think that's been somewhat broken from not having the students around me," he said"

Kagarise says he's gotten vaccinated and can't wait for the day he can be back in the classroom, and give his students a high-five without worrying about their health.