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CSU Pueblo holds in person graduations

2021 and 2020 grads were invited
CSU Pueblo holds in person graduations
Posted at 3:36 PM, May 08, 2021

PUEBLO — It’s a day that this time last year we weren’t sure would happen, but Saturday, CSU Pueblo grads got to walk across the stage, in person.

The university broke the graduation into two ceremonies this year, one at 9 a.m., the other at 1 p.m. Saturday.

Both 2021 grads and 2020 grads who didn’t get to attend a ceremony last year were invited.

Social distancing and masks were still required, but for the graduates and their families, that didn’t matter. They’re just happy they even got to be there at all.

For them, graduation day is--

“It’s super exciting for sure,” CSU Pueblo graduate Melody said.

It’s relieving.

“No worries,” CSU Pueblo graduate Becca Egan said. “No more worries, no more homework!.”

It’s celebratory.

“I’m so excited,” CSU Pueblo graduate Cassandra said. “7 years in the making. It’s been taking too long!”

For families, this day has also been a long time coming.

“We’re thrilled,” said Pamela Medina, whose daughter was graduating. “It’s such an inspiring thing for us to see our only daughter graduate.”

But this day almost never was.

“When they said there was probably not going to be a graduation, it was a little bit of a letdown,” Medina said.

These graduates went into this year, unsure what the end might look like.

“I know the pandemic’s put a damper on everything,” Melody said.

Yet here they are walking the stage, in person,with family by their side.

“We’re excited that we get to be here even though there’s only four of us,” Medina said.

And for these grads--

“Just my family being here, I’m very excited about that, and finally being able to walk, CSU Pueblo graduate Dominque Gaston said.

--It’s a celebration, not only of their achievements, but of the fact that this celebration is even a reality.

“Happy that it can actually happen this year,” Cassandra said.