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CPW warns of nosy black bear in Green Mountain Falls

A Young Black Bear Was Found Relaxing On The Counter Of The Women’s Restroom At This Lodge
Posted at 5:41 PM, Aug 14, 2020

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS — Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning Green Mountain Falls residence about a male black bear that has been causing mischief lately.

According to one resident, the bear has been getting into cars and garbage cans looking for food on more than one occasion.

"We all want the bear to not be accustom to humans, we want the bear just to live its life and live a happy life," explained Shelby Olivera-Anderson, a resident of Green Mountain Falls. "We don't want it to be relocated, we don't want it to be put down, we just want to figure out how to get it figured out, and if it has to be relocated that's sad, very sad."

Olivera-Anderson adds that the bears has broken into her car once and found dog food.

After cleaning up her car, the bear returned again, but thankfully did not damage her vehicle.

"Try to make it feel uncomfortable around humans, that's the ultimate goal," added CPW Wildlife Manager Cassidy English. "We don't want them to think that we're, we don't want the bears to come around us and be okay with that. We want them to be scared of us. So whenever you see a bear, yell at it, try to make it go away."

CPW reminds residence to secure their trash cans and that there will be a likely an increase of bear activity as they begin to look for more food to prepare for the winter.