Colorado high schools embrace #BeTheLightCO movement

Posted at 10:59 PM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 01:18:53-04

Out of the darkness came a beam of light. A beam of hope.

"Our lights will be on for you, we're thinking of you and you're in our hearts and minds until this is over," Sierra Athletic Director Robert Bentley said.

What started as a challenge from District 11 Athletic Director Christopher Noll as a way to let students know they care and encourage the community to check on one another during these difficult times, has morphed into something so much more.

"We are going to challenge everyone in District 11 over the next week to make one phone call a day to connect with someone in their circle," Noll said.

"Any way we can support them, I don't think it's surprising, because I think within our meetings, we're all here for the same purpose," Mitchell Athletic Director Al Everett said. "One district or area's good idea might be a good idea for us, hey lets try it."

Dozens of schools from across the state have turned on their lights each night as a showing of solidarity for a moment that has quickly turned into the #BeTheLightCo movement.

"Just keep putting it out there and more and more schools have jumped on board to be a beacon of hope for the kids across the state and the city as well," Bentley said.

From Southern Colorado to Grand Junction, this initiative has taken flight, a message to be carried through these dark times and the brighter ones to come.

"Look out your windows and you see this light, we want you to know we miss you and we're thinking about you," Noll said.