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Cleaning businesses remain busy, local company provides tips

Posted at 9:39 PM, Mar 23, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — While so many are struggling with employment due to the impacts of the coronavirus there's one sector that's still going strong - the cleaning business.

Wendy Flynn, owner of Cleanclean LLC, shared that while some people have canceled their weekly service there's another kind of customer who's asking for more cleanings.

Flynn said, "We've been running a normal schedule up until this week."

Like almost everything else in our daily lives, cleaning businesses are also feeling some changes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Flynn said, "This week we had 15 scheduled and only four have chosen to continue with our service this week."

She says some of those cancellations were older residents who are more at risk.

"The rest of the clients were...let's just take a little bit of time and see where this goes and...we'll touch base next week to see if we can start back up."

In the meantime, she and her team are still keeping busy.

"I do have commercial buildings also so they have actually vamped up our service and have asked us to come during the day to do an extra touch-up throughout the buildings...I still have plenty of business and hours for my employees."

For those who are choosing to clean their own homes right now to avoid contact with people Flynn has some simple tips for you: tackle what she says are the most important parts of your home - the kitchen and bathrooms. Grab an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, or a similar type of sanitizing product and wear gloves if you're able to.

"Spray a little bit on a cloth. Wipe off your handles on your refrigerator, your cabinet handles...your coffeepots...I'm wiping doorknobs often...remotes for the TV's...the back of your phone or even your iPhone, toilet handle...there's a lot more that you just don't realize you touch in your homes that could use a wipe down."

We know a lot of families are at home right now and some are struggling to think of things to do. Flynn suggests that families make a game out of cleaning. Sit down together and make a list of all the things you touch around your home and work together to give them a good wipe down and cleaning. She suggests doing this a couple times a week, but that daily is best.