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Clean-up process for wind storm damage is underway in Southern Colorado

Clean-up process for wind storm damage is underway in Southern Colorado
Posted at 6:12 AM, Dec 16, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — From trees uprooted, to fences blown away, to property destroyed, Wednesday's 70-107 mph wind gusts left their mark here in Southern Colorado.

With power lines down, thousands of people were left without any power after the wind gust storm settled. The cleanup process is now underway, but it will take some time to restore Southern Colorado.

Colorado Springs Utilities says it will take at least a day before they could get things back up and running, even with crews working around the clock.

One local woman who has lived near Palmer Park for over forty years says she has never seen a power outage last this long.

Her power went out right after a tree fell in the yard, and just after her husband had gone out and moved their cars.

"He could have walked out to move my car and the tree fell on him, I mean you know we're very lucky really in many ways that we'll... have firewood,” said Kathy Allen, a local homeowner.

Colorado Springs Utilities says if you live in an area with overhead electric lines, you need to check the electric pole for damage.

If it's damaged, it will have to be fixed by a licensed contractor before they can restore power.

Anyone who has yet to report that they are out of power needs to go to the Colorado Springs Utilities' page to report it. You can visit that page here.

City of Colorado Springs crews will only remove a tree if it is in a right of way or on a powerline. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to remove downed trees and debris.

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