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Camping more than 10 miles from home? Officials encourage these safe practices

Posted at 6:10 PM, May 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 09:09:34-04

SOUTHERN COLORADO — With campsites across Colorado allowed to reopen, a lot of people are now heading out to camp especially this Memorial Day weekend.

That in mind, we want to clear up some confusion about the 10-mile suggestion. The Colorado Department of Public Health is still recommending that people do not travel more than 10 miles from their home. However, if you do, other state agencies say there are ways you can plan ahead to make it the safest trip possible for both you and other communities.

"We are completely full as far as the campground goes for this coming weekend," Brian Kerrigan, park manager at Mueller State Park, said.

From this state park in Divide to Lake Pueblo State Park, people all over Colorado are setting up camp once again.

Cameron Sykes is camping at Lake Pueblo State Park. He said, "It feels great just to get outside and get some fresh air."

Fellow camper Jerald Filkowski said, "We had this trip planned from six months ago so we're excited."

Travis Duncan, a statewide public information officer for Colorado Parks & Wildlife, said, "Everyone's seeing summer-level recreation."

Some campgrounds are welcoming people from different parts of the state.

Ted Sykes is from Colorado Springs and is also pitching his tent in Pueblo. For him, being able to camp again is "heaven, absolute heaven."

But with COVID-19 still being an issue Duncan said, "We are sharing the best practices for folks who might be traveling a little bit further from home and the main message we're sharing with folks is to be as self-contained as you can be."

That means planning ahead.

Ted Sykes said, "I actually read online that they didn't want us shopping right near the area here so...we stocked up on food and ice and lots of water."

Duncan said, "Fill up your gas tank in your hometown...close to your house. Bring all your food and supplies with you, bring water with you, bring toilet paper with you're not going into small stores in rural communities that don't have robust healthcare facilities and potentially exposing them to the virus."

Duncan also wants people to know that you may not have trash pickup where you're going so be prepared to pack everything you bring in back out yourself. Also - be prepared that there may be limited restrooms open.

Of course, it's recommended that you continue to practice proper social distancing and only camp with people you live with.