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Bobcat kitten relocated after it was found under car hood

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Bobcat in car pueblo
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Posted at 2:25 PM, Jul 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-10 20:49:26-04

PUEBLO — A baby bobcat has a new home after being rescued Friday in Pueblo.

Heather Mills is visiting from Indiana and stayed at a hotel near the Pueblo Mall when what she thought was a regular kitten approached her, then crawled under the hood of her car.

"My first reaction was, I thought it was a regular cat," Mills said. "Didn't realize it was a bobcat until I posted it on Facebook and then everyone responded that's a bobcat. But my first reaction was to help out a cat that was stuck in my engine."

She lured it out with a fish sandwich and put it in her car while she waited for help.

The kitten roamed inside the car and got stuck underneath the dash. That's when Colorado Parks and Wildlife arrived to rescue the kitten.

"Like any wildlife, you just leave it alone until it passes on. If it is something that is a nuisance or in your car definitely call the Parks and Wildlife for sure and we can help you out with that," said wildlife rehabilitator Lynette Carson.

The kitten will be taken to a sanctuary in the Wet Mountains where it will be raised and released when it is old enough.