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Blessing Boxes in need of storage space

The man who started the Blessing Box movement hopes it will eventually become a nonprofit
GT Davis has built of 20 Blessing Boxes and places them throughout Pueblo
Posted at 6:30 PM, Oct 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-27 23:28:25-04

PUEBLO — For GT Davis, there is no such think as too many blessings. However, many are filling up the garage space where his wife used to park her car.

GT Davis built a Blessing Box for end of his driveway last winter, sparking an unexpected city-wide movement.

"I love this community... They just keep stepping up," said GT Davis.

Over the last year, his home has been used as a donation drop-off site. The donations are now outgrowing the space Davis's garage can offer.

"We'll take any space... Something we can have access to pretty much 24/7," said Davis.

He and the few other Blessing Box volunteers are hoping to find a storage space that is temperature controlled someone in the community is willing to donate to their cause.

The Blessing Boxes are not a nonprofit yet and receive no funding, only donations of time and items.

"We're working to go to a nonprofit, and that will open more doors for us... Serve more people and bring in more food to share with other organizations and the blessing boxes," said Davis. However, he does not expect establishing a nonprofit to happen for at least another year.

After News 5's Two Americas report about the lack of food access in Avondale, Davis and the other volunteers decided their next box will be placed there to try and help the community there.

The new name of the Facebook page is Pueblo County Blessing Boxes, instead of the former Pueblo West Blessing Boxes because the movement has become so wide.

A map of where you can find blessing boxes in Pueblo can be found here.