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Bexley's Blessings: Local family gives back during cancer fight

Bexley's Wagon
Bexley's Blessings
Posted at 3:04 AM, Sep 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-21 16:03:50-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — It is childhood cancer awareness month and a Colorado Springs family who, while going through a cancer journey of their own, are giving to others.

Just weeks before she was set to start preschool Bexley came down with a fever. The Schumaker’s were waiting for their other boys (and themselves) to catch whatever bug she had. That didn’t happen. The fever stuck around.

On August 14th, Bexley was admitted to the hospital. She would later be sent to Denver for further testing where the family’s biggest fear was confirmed. Bexley was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).

As they do by nature, the Schumaker's see the silver lining, “This is a good diagnosis in the cancer world.”

Bexley is at the start of a 3-year treatment plan. Phase one. Done. Here’s an update from mom, Jenny:

  • Bexley passed induction/Phase 1 with flying colors and they did not find leukemia cells in her bone marrow samples, the normal marrow cells, or the blood samples. TIME TO CELEBRATE! The Doctors did say this is exactly what they were hoping for and there are probably still cancers cells hanging out hiding out and that is to be expected so we will tackle that in Phase 2, but this is the BEST POSSIBLE NEWS!
  • She will start Phase 2 on Thursday with daily Chemo and weekly COVID test and Lumbar Punctures to administer her chemo to the spine and brain so her road is still very long but her old personality is starting to shine through now that she is off the steroids and we could not be happier to have some good news to celebrate!
Bexley's Blessings: Local family gives back during cancer fight

The community has rallied around the family since day one. Strangers have left dinner on their doorstep and gifts for the kids, “In a time when others are struggling, they’re reaching out to our family.” Support can be seen around the world each Friday as many don the #bexleystrong pink t-shirt.

That got the Schumakers thinking, “We have good insurance we have support we’re very lucky so we said let’s hope these other kids that we are seeing firsthand suffer without any of that. Kids that are isolated. Kids that need to feel loved and supported.” So they are paying it forward.

The family and a close friend are now selling those pink shirts to raise money for research on pediatric cancer a the patients on the 2nd-floor CCBD (Center for Cancers and Blood Disorders) at Children’s Hospital Colorado- Colorado Springs.

They are using donations to fill up a pink wagon, dubbed “Bexley’s Blessings” with gifts. This way, when patients come in for treatment they can pick something that will help to distract them. Something to give them a little glimmer of hope, to keep fighting.

If you would like to donate and/or want updates on sweet Bexley check out the #bexleystrong page.