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As many still wait for stimulus checks, others may not realize they are eligible to get one

Over 177,000 Coloradans may not know they're eligible, but they have to act quickly
Posted at 9:31 PM, Sep 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 08:12:23-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Many people say, even though they filed their tax returns and meet the qualifications for a stimulus check, they're still going to the bank empty-handed. Beyond that, there's also a large group of people who may not know they're supposed to be getting one, but they have to act quickly.

"I felt like I fell under the category for one, being a part-time single mom," Colorado Springs resident Natasha Bell said.

But she is still waiting for her stimulus check.

"I haven't gotten my stimulus check and I still haven't gotten my state income tax check," Bell said.

And she's not alone.

In response to a News5 Facebook question, many people who believe they meet the qualifications are still empty-handed.

And some say they're having a hard time getting answers.

"Every time I went on the web page, it was always down," Bell said.

At the same time, while some people who are expecting a check don't have them, other people who aren't expecting them may not even know they're eligible.

"When the treasury department was sending out the stimulus checks, they were depending on the contact information on tax returns," said Paula Chostner of Pueblo County United Way.

This month, the IRS sent letters to over 177,000 Coloradans who typically aren't required to file federal income tax returns but may qualify for a check.

Those people all have to meet certain income and filing status criteria, which the IRS lists on its website. They can then go online and fill out a form requesting their check. And the deadline is coming up quick: Oct. 15.

"Most of the ways that people would access that kind of information, social media, newspapers, television, are not reachable by the folks who probably need it the most," Chostner said.

Until the deadline hits, the Pueblo County United Way is running a campaign to help spread the word.

"If you don't make an income, you don't file taxes," Chostner said. "And the government is unable to reach you to administer and send out these checks, and this is money that belongs to you. You are entitled to it."

She said the best way to spread this information to the people who need it is through word of mouth.