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After five years, Full Orchestra returns to Widefield High School

Posted at 5:21 PM, Oct 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-08 08:15:57-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Full Orchestra has returned to Widefield High School.

"It is so exciting, especially it being my senior year, that we were able to experience this again. I've always heard stories from the past about it, and I always wished I could experience it. Now, here we are," said Kendal Paterson, Widefield High School senior.

"I would like for us to have the best sound we possibly can and sound like a professional orchestra," said Matthew Kimminau, Widefield High School senior.

It's been five years since there was a full orchestra, and these seniors hope it unites them after two disruptive years.

"Our motivation decreased a lot, and I hope we can build that back up like we had when we went to Florida," said Paterson.

The pandemic hit the arts particularly hard. Both students want the Full Orchestra to bring kids back into the arts.

"They'll see oh they have a Full Orchestra and maybe I'll join the Orchestra. Maybe I'll play Viola or trumpet," said Kimminau.

Widefield High School Director of Orchestras Sara Miller says the new program will allow students to grow their talent.

"Gain more musical techniques, gain more musical ability, and have that different ability," said Miller.

It could also help open more doors.

"It's a whole new opportunity for me because there are a lot of opportunities in college for Full Orchestra things," said Kimminau.

"A lot of them will go onto college and do a lot of orchestral things. I'm looking at colleges with orchestral things as well," said Paterson.

The community is encouraged to attend their first concert Thursday night (7 p.m.) at Widefield High School. Admission is free to the public.