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Achy breaky hearts for Billy Ray Cyrus fans after concert canceled

Concertgoers lined up at Weidner Field to see Billy Ray Cyrus perform, among other opening acts.
Posted at 5:14 PM, Jul 12, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS — Concert goers say they were ripped off after they paid to see Billy Ray Cyrus perform at Weidner Field, but never got to see the singer.

Those who went to the concert did see some opening acts but organizers say bad weather rolled in and the concert had to be canceled before Cyrus could perform.

"I hate this," said Jon Eddy, owner of Jon Eddy Productions. "This is now how it was supposed to go."

Eddy tells News5 they asked Cyrus to perform at Whiskey Barron, but his management team said no.

"The reason we were told is due to travel schedule in upcoming days," he recalled. "And it's, you know, it's disappointing in that moment because we wanted to be able to adjust and do everything possible."

Though fans like Jessica Leon are skeptical.

"[Billy Ray Cyrus] wouldn't ditch out on his fans that spent that much money, that much time and effort to see him when it rained out," she said.

And she also says there were problems from the get-go.

"[The concert] was horrible," she said. "I mean, generally the worst show we've ever been to."
"One of the security guards took us over to where the meet-and-greet tent was, shut the gates behind us and left us there."

Instead of a refund they're being offered tickets to a concert at Whiskey Barron and tickets to a Switchbacks game.

But Leon, who bought a custom painted rock as a gift for Cyrus says it's not enough.

"It doesn't make up for any of it. Ii'm disappointed and heartbroken," she said through tears.
"This has been my dream since I was four years old was to meet Billy Ray Cyrus. All I wanted to tell him was, 'I wanted to give you this rock because you were my rock for so long and I just want to thank you for being who you are.'"

Just fill out this form and send it to Jon Eddy Productions to get your tickets and be sure to mail your ticket stubs to the following address :