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5-year-old Parker girl makes balloon wish, Calhan woman finds it and responds

Jennifer Houghton of Calhan found this balloon made by five-year-old Macey Clemens of Parker. On the balloon, Macey wrote that she wished to get a pet horse.
Posted at 5:47 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 20:39:10-04

SOUTHERN COLORADO — It's a story of two strangers brought together by a twist of fate and luck, and because of it, one little girl's wish will hopefully come true.

As News 5 found out, it all started with a message on a balloon.

Jennifer Houghton said, "I honestly, I am a huge believer in fate. I think that this happened for a reason."

Houghton shared that it was Sunday when a balloon was found on her father's property in the Ellicott/Calhan area.

She said, "We were just sitting there eating dinner and he found a balloon caught in his fence so he went out and grabbed it and it said, "For my wish this year I want my own pet horse."

It was signed "Macey." Their reaction to the find - that it couldn't have landed in a better place. Houghton, whose property is nearby, has seven horses of her own.

"I feel like every little girl should get to enjoy the horse world. I was privileged enough to grow up in it so I know like what a dream come true it can be."

She explained that she immediately posted a picture of the balloon to Facebook and within hours had dozens of shares.

"I really just wanted to find Macey. I couldn't get her a pet horse, but at least try and help her ride and make somewhat of a dream come true."

Thanks to social media, Houghton and Macey's family found each other.

Macey said, "I wrote that I wish that I had a pet pony."

The five-year-old shared that she went horseback riding for the first time last weekend for her birthday and soon after that wrote her wish on the balloon and sent it off.

Houghton said, "They live in Parker so the balloon made pretty good distance."

Macey's dad, Chad Clemens, said, "We were all shocked to be completely honest."

Since connecting, Houghton has been working with Macey's family to help them try and find a horse close to home that they can lease.

Clemens said, "Jennifer, I just want to say thank you very much. It's really cool, you know, that you found that...hopefully, one day we'll be able to meet up and go for a ride together."

As for Houghton, she said, "With everything going on right now, with riots and the coronavirus and everything, I think everybody's feeling pretty down and just that one balloon it absolutely made my day to see that there actually was something that I could do in the world today even if it was just helping one person."