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360: Cities in Colorado consider allowing marijuana delivery

Denver is next in line to send a proposal to its city council
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Posted at 3:12 PM, Jan 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-18 17:12:42-05

2021 marks seven years since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado. In the new year, the state is making big moves by looking into making marijuana delivery legal.

The city of Aurora already approved a marijuana delivery ordinance. Denver has now come up with a plan for its city council to consider.

This idea has people talking.

"We are solidly in favor of delivery," said Truman Bradley with the Marijuana Industry Group. "You can get your pharmaceuticals delivered. You can get your groceries delivered. You can even get alcohol delivered. It's 2021. Even if there wasn't a pandemic, it just makes sense to deliver."

Entrepreneur Cliff Stokes saw the writing on the wall and is already prepping for the marijuana delivery game. He's set to hire what the City of Denver calls "marijuana transporters." Stokes has already bought a fleet of cars for his delivery drivers to use.

"When I think about cannabis and people using it in their homes... it only sounds right," Stokes said. "When you think about the ability to get people’s medicine to them in their homes ... on all aspects ... is a good thing."

Parent Charles Sanchez expressed concern over the idea, and said he knows too many families with kids who have substance abuse problems.

"My biggest issue is the ease a teen has on being able to get their hands on it," Sanchez said. "If you create a situation where it’s easier to get your hands on something like marijuana... they’re likely to abuse it"

The City of Denver said it's prepared for that.

"We’re going to have strong protections in place if city council approves," said Eric Escudero with the Denver Department of Excise & Licensing. "That includes ID scanners to make sure there are no youth purchasing it. We want to make sure we do this right to protect all involved."

Some people have expressed concern over social media that marijuana delivery drivers will get robbed for the product.

Stokes said he has a plan for that, too: His drivers will wear body cameras at all times.

"My drivers will be in contact with a live dispatcher," he said. "We have live cameras that are going to be in the vehicle at all times."

One sentiment seems clear — there will be a lot of reliance on how certain cities set the rules for marijuana delivery.

"There is a ton of tracking involved and we feel really comfortable about the safety of it," Bradley said. "I just think it makes sense."

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