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2C pavement projects are set to begin

Posted at 6:44 AM, May 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-05 09:15:04-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — The five-year 2C roadway improvements extension is now underway. With the original ballot measure of 2C, year 6, the city has awarded that contract and those roadways are going to be done a little later in the summer time.

With 2C 2 year one, projects are now in the works. These are divided into five bundles of roadways with three contractors total that will be milling and paving on those bundles.

The first two bundles were released on May 1st, to begin paving and they have through August to complete the projects. Additionally, there are three other bundles that will be released later in the summer. And as the city continues to grow, it’s important that this project paves and fixes up roads that need maintenance. This summer you’ll see parts of this large project all throughout the city.

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“There’s not necessarily a really big roadway like the Garden of the Gods on this year’s program. We do have some on the program but 2C2 remember is going to be fifty percent in residential neighborhoods just like this one,” said Corey Farkas, ‎Operations & Maintenance Division Manager at City of Colorado Springs.

“We’re going to be really all over town. We've got some on the east side of town, on the eastern corridor. We’ve got some more work down south that will be going on as well. So, we’re kind of spread out this year. We’re really trying to condense areas of town as we can,” said Farkas.

There will also be a considerable amount of road construction in the Northgate area. From the latest tracker, it looks like contractors have completed concrete and are ready to start paving a number of streets. These streets include Butterfield Dr from Bridle Pass to Range Ranch, Wagon Ridge Dr from Dublin to Spoked Wheel, Spoked Wheel Dr from Bridle Pass to Sand Hill and many more.

It depends on coordination, contractor decisions and weather, but it looks like milling could start as early as mid-May and paving by the end of the month, or first week of June. The early projects are listed below. For more information on the 2 C Roadway Improvements, visit here.


  • Butterfield Dr from Bridle Pass to Range Ranch
  • Butterfield Dr from Prairie Wind to Range Ranch
  • Duryea Dr from Woodmen to Bridle Pass
  • New Car Dr from Duryea to the western dead end
  • Pioneer Mesa Dr from Prairie Schooner to Sand Hill
  • Prairie Wind Dr from Pioneer Mesa to Butterfield
  • Range Ranch Dr from Bridle Pass to Prairie Wind
  • Spoked Wheel Dr from Bridle Pass to Sand Hill
  • Spoked Wheel Dr from Prairie Wind to Sand HillWagon Ridge Dr from Dublin to Spoked Wheel