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Ivywild parking decision delayed until July

Posted at 5:21 AM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 21:29:26-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – The Colorado Springs City Council postponed making a final decision to resolve a parking shortage in the Ivywild neighborhood Tuesday night.

At issue is the parking situation on South Tejon Street, close to Cheyenne Boulevard, where the Blue Star restaurant used to be. Plans call for the space to be filled by three different establishments: 291 Distillery, what could be a new medicinal marijuana dispensary, and a potential music venue, bar, and restaurant.

The property only has 37 spots, when 44 are required by the city. City council had allowed the 37 spots for a while until it was brought before the planning commission. The planning commission overturned the allowance of 37 parking spots, which was then appealed by those who previously owned Blue Star.

The issue has brought with it a heated debate, especially between those who own the property and nearby restaurant, Edelweiss. “My client has, in the past, when this was an issue, requested that their patrons do not park in the Edelweiss parking lot, but you can’t control people beyond that,” said Andrea Barlow who represented the applicant of the appeal to City Council.

Those with Edelweiss said their business has suffered severe adverse impacts because of the parking problem. “Edelweiss constantly spent thousands of dollars every year in protecting it’s parking because of Blue Star and Bristol customers constantly parked on our parking lots,” said Norman Moss of Edelweiss.

“It isn’t just two people feuding here, it is a serious concern of not only residential but the commercial people in the neighborhood,” said Carolyn Rogers, an Ivywild resident.

City council decided to delay the decision because they would like more information on four pieces of the puzzle: potential signage instructing people not to park at other businesses, if a bicycle rack could fit into the current parking lot, checking to confirm 44 is the required number of spots, and a possible agreement to find nine spots within three blocks.

Council is expected to discuss the issue again on July 9.