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Tenants asking for water to be restored in apartment complex

Posted at 10:36 PM, May 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-27 20:47:24-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – People living at the El Vecino Apartments in Colorado Springs reached out to News5 after they say they haven’t had running water since Thursday last week.

Tammy Douglas is one of those affected residents and she’s depending on gallons of water to get her by.

“I can’t even […] brush my teeth, can’t take my bath, can’t flush my toilet,” she said.

Neighbors tell us it all stems from a broken pipe, which crews seemed to be repairing on Sunday.

They say the complex has provided a few water gallons, but still, Tammy wants more to be done.

“[I’m] very angry because I’m paying to have something I don’t have,” Douglas said. “That’s a necessity. Water.”

In a separate building inside the complex, it’s the same situation for 71-year-old Donna Tucker.

She says she’s disabled, and this is only adding more stress.

“It’s so frustrating,” Tucker said. “Especially [because of] my circumstances.”

She showed us a note on her door from management, which says they’re working on the problem and they will accommodate residents.

“This doesn’t say anything about when it’s gonna be or what’s gonna happen or anything,” she said. “So we’re just left up to our own devices.”

But right now, neighbors are relying on each other.

“We’re all going through it together,” Douglas emphasized.

Especially since they have few other options.

“I wanna be put up in a hotel because I have nowhere else to go, to, like, take a shower,” Tucker said.

“I don’t have nowhere to go to go take a bath,” Douglas echoed. “So I’m stuck.”

We reached out and left voicemails with the property’s management company and the complex’s leasing office and left voicemails requesting more information about the situation but have not heard back yet. We will share any updates as soon as we learn more.