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Baby raccoon dumped at CPW office in Colorado Springs

Posted at 3:11 PM, May 22, 2019
courtesy: CPW

COLORADO SPRINGS – Please leave baby wildlife alone!

That is the message Colorado Parks and Wildlife is sharing Wednesday after a baby raccoon was found in the parking lot of the Southeast Region Office in Colorado Springs.

CPW said on their twitter page that someone had orphaned the raccoon and then dumped it in the snow in their parking lot.

The person who left the raccoon most likely found the young animal by itself and thought they were helping it. In reality, the mother was likely in the area and had left to search for food.

According to CPW, young animals do not need rescuing and have been prepared by nature to survive without human intervention. CPW says in fact, human intervention most often does more harm than good.

So remember, if you see baby wildlife this Spring/Summer, leave it alone!


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