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Fourth Judicial District DA to handle investigation into STEM School security guard

Posted at 12:28 PM, May 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-15 14:28:34-04

DOUGLAS COUNTY – District Attorney for the 18th District George Braucher said Wednesday that Fourth Judicial District Attorney Dan May will oversee an investigation into the security guard at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch.

Brauchler made the comments after announcing he would charge the juvenile suspect in the shooting as an adult.

Brauchler said May will make the decision about whether or not a crime was committed by the security guard.

“This is a witness in the case. And I felt like in an abundance of caution that a decision about the facts related to the security guard needed to be addressed by a separate prosecutor,” Brauchler said.

Brauchler would not say if the security guard fired a weapon during the incident, which has been reported by News5 partner Denver7.

“Given the information that we’ve uncovered, it’s fairest to the process, fairest to the case and fairest to him to have the fourth judicial district attorney weigh in.”

Brauchler said May was chosen because Douglas County cases that require a special prosecutor are normally referred to El Paso County as part of the Colorado District Attorney Council’s standing agreement.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office remains the lead agency in the investigation and will provide May information related to the case.

Denver7 reported that a deputy told his superior that the guard fired at him, and they were also told by a high-ranking source that they’re investigating if the guard shot an innocent student.

The guard is employed through private armed security BOSS High Level Protection. The guard’s attorney told Denver7 that the guard was a Marine Corps veteran and that he worked with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for four years.

“I know that my client is a hero and I know that he did everything in his power to protect the kids, and the staff and the faculty that he knows and works with every day,” Robert Burk, his attorney told Denver7.

Another source also said one of the bullets that struck the student did not come from a gunman’s firearm. They said authorities are now investigating whether or not that bullet came from the security guard’s firearm or another deputy.

One student, 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo, was killed in the shooting. Eight others were injured in the attack.