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Tornado wreaks havoc on Falcon Storage Center

Posted at 9:36 PM, Mar 29, 2019

FALCON – A lengthy cleanup process is ahead for the Falcon Storage Center after its yard was impacted by a tornado Friday afternoon.

Tim Pachak was one of many News 5 viewers that stopped to snap a photo or video of the tornado touching down. Quickly after, he realized he might be in trouble.

“Oh, high tailing it for home. I saw the debris come up off the ground and was like, ‘Oh, this is for real! Not just a dust devil,'” Pachak said. “You know, it was enough to scare you. It was down and gone.”

At first, it seemed like there wasn’t any damage, but the storage center is now facing thousands of dollars in repairs after the twister moved through its storage yard off Highway 24.

A handful of tipped over trailers, or some that were turned into scrap piles, litter much of the yard. They’re all now covered in snow.

The Falcon Storage Center suffered thousands of dollars in damage after a tornado dropped down on March 29, 2019.

The damage doesn’t stop there. There are vehicles with their windows busted out after airborne trailers collided into them. Some boats were flipped into the air, tarps flew across the yard and a fence around the property was blown over in several spots.

All of the chaos was captured on the center’s surveillance cameras.

The video showed how fast the tornado moved through the property. It picks up a trailer, topples it a couple of times and then crashes it into a row of other trailers before it became a scrap pile.

Falcon Storage Center employees declined to talk with us on camera, but they said they will be closed Saturday to assess the damage. They said clients can call to schedule appointments to view their property in the days ahead.