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Get connected, for Severe Spring Weather!

Posted at 5:04 PM, Mar 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-21 09:13:59-04

SOUTHERN COLORADO – Spring can be a real crap-shoot here in Colorado.

You can have thunderstorms one afternoon and snow the next night. Everyone knows the saying, “Wait 5 minutes, and the weather will change.” But, are you actually prepared for what’s to come? Most say, “Kinda”, most say it is important, and most are not.

In April, we can get severe thunderstorms. Even until May, we can get major winter snow storms. And then, depending on if there is too little precipitation (fire danger) or too much precip (flooding), we have other issues.

In this year’s case, it appears to be the latter. All that snow will melt. And if it melts fast (warm temps) and from heavy rains that fall on the snowpack, that’s a recipe for widespread flooding. Especially near running rivers.

We found several apps you can download, where you can pick the locations to be notified of impending “doom.” These apps are free, come directly from the source, and can be personalized. Download the one for your location, and get it set today.

Also, take the time to draw up a plan on paper, practice it a few times to make sure it will work as planned, and then hold a family meeting on what to do for each type of potential severe weather, to inform everyone where to go if, and where to meet when, etc.

Safety isn’t an accident…it requires thought, planning, and practice.

Here are the links to get started: