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Colorado Springs road crews pre-treat roads ahead of storm

Posted at 8:38 PM, Mar 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-01 22:42:06-05

COLORADO SPRINGS – Preparations are underway for the latest round of snow to hit Colorado Springs.

On Friday, crews in El Paso County were working to pre-treat roads to try and get ahead of the storm.

Jack Ladley, operations manager for Colorado Springs Public Works, said, “This one potentially is going to start out as rain and then turn to snow. When that cold front moves through the temps are just going to bottom out on us.”

Ladley said that kind of combination is brutal and it’s what happened last Friday. Snow fell during warm temps and it melted, but then the temperature dropped which created a wet layer on the roads with snow building on top of it. It left frozen conditions underneath.

“By pre-treating we hope to stay a little bit ahead of that possibly.”

That’s what his crews were doing Friday afternoon.

“It gets us out in front of the storm far enough out. Number two: traffic. Traffic on that material helps track that material sometimes down side streets, those streets that we didn’t necessarily intend to treat.”

The hope is that the pre-treatment will keep roads from freezing this weekend.

“It helps eliminate that bond between the pavement and the precipitation so it gives the snow plows a fighting chance to actually plow it off and get down to some pavement.”

Ladley asks that while plows are out drivers give them plenty of space.