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Australian company wants to expand business to Colorado Springs

Posted at 2:39 PM, Feb 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-11 16:41:28-05

COLORADO SPRINGS – The Colorado Springs City Council will vote whether or not to approve an agreement between the city and Trisco Foods on Tuesday.

If approved, the Australian-based company will establish its first production facility in the U.S. in Colorado Springs.

Trisco Foods is a family-owned food and beverage manufacturer since 1875, making food syrups that assist patients who have a difficult time swallowing.

Currently, patients have to wait about six weeks for the product to be manufactured in Australia and shipped to the U.S.

Trisco believes a facility in America would reduce wait times and enhance product delivery to patients.

The company’s investment plans predict a $7,000,000 capital investment with at least 55 to 139 new jobs created over four years. The pitch to the city estimates an average wage of $57,584 for workers. The median household income in El Paso County was $62,535 in 2017 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Trisco’s first facility would be located off West Garden of the Gods Rd. and Centennial Blvd. near the Citizen’s Service Center. There are also a few bus stops located nearby so there would be access to public transportation to and from the facility.

Trisco Foods location
Trisco Foods facility would be located at 1555 Garden of the Gods Rd.

Through an economic development agreement, the state of Colorado provided Trisco Foods with job growth incentive tax credits in hopes of supporting an international business opportunity in Colorado Springs. The total costs for the city are estimated at $32,000, with $16,000 going toward machinery and equipment and the other $16,000 for construction materials.

The community benefits, or overall economic impact over a span of four years, would be $42,000,000 with the net city revenue from the expansion totaling around $542,000.

Trisco Foods has hired a professional employer organization looking to hire mostly locals to fill the new positions.

Some city council members had previously voiced their concerns over potential noise problems. Trisco Foods said they are a low industrial manufacturing company. The machinery for the facility does not require any ear protection for workers and they run very quietly. The company does not expect to use generators for the renovations but if they do, it will be low noise generators.

The agreement proposed to city council members is in line with the City Council Strategic Plan to promote job creation, stimulate economic development and enhance the city’s appeal to high-technology and manufacturing businesses.