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Walsenburg water customers notified of reporting error

Posted at 3:24 PM, Jan 08, 2019

WALSENBURG – A notice sent out to City of Walsenburg water customers within their utility bills in late December informs them of a failure to properly report the status of testing for water supply blackflow prevention and cross connection control in 2017.

There are no signs of contamination within the water or problems with the quality of water, as explained to News5 by Mark Ellis with the city.

Backflow preventers are required under state regulations to ensure the water supply does not become contaminated due to uncontrolled connections.

Regulations from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment require the city to inform customers of this type of issue within 30 days.

The letter explains the city will complete testing and reporting by this June. According to Ellis, the proper paperwork for reporting all testing in 2018 was already submitted to CDPHE. The city started their cross-connection control program in late 2017.

In the meantime, people are told they “may want to use an alternative drinking water supply” or contact their doctor about doing so, if they are concerned about infants, elderly, pregnant women, or those with a severely compromised immune system consuming the water.