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Travelling around the region this week? Dicey roads ahead!

Posted at 5:13 PM, Dec 23, 2018

(See map below…)

Weather this week will definitely affect your plans. First tonight, in the Highlands, where several fresh inches of snow will fall in the Vails, Apsens, Montroses, and Grand Junctions of the world. Winter Weather Advisories are in place. Most falls while you sleep, if you’re reading this from west of the Divide. (No snow from this East of the Divide.)

But the bigger story is Christmas Day through Wednesday, both south and west. For the Sangres, Wets, and points west of Pikes Peak, it will be all snow, and likely well over a foot, easily could be between a foot and two feet of new snow coming. It begins south & west Tuesday by midday, and continues into Wednesday evening. Needless to say, travel not recommended! A lull Wednesday night and Thursday, before a second storm arrives Thursday night for the southern and western mountains, and brings another round of a foot or more of snow! And with that one, comes bitter cold too.

So, travelers across Colorado, beware! Particularly those headed into the Highlands. I would heavily discourage anything but very local travel for the periods of midday Tuesday through Wednesday night, and any time Friday. If you can make any return trip home, for next Sunday, that would be ideal.

Here is a map, which I will describe. It is for Wednesday. (It’ll take awhile Tues eve for mountain snows to seriously impact travel, so we will assume few, if any, would bother taking to the roads Christmas night.) Please note there are 3 corridors I have blocked out for you, which run north to south. The Plains corridor (minimally affected, mostly wet), I-25 corridor (could go either way at this point), Southern Mountains and west of the Divide (travel NOT recommended…where it will be all snow, 1-2 feet.)

Plains…”ok”. I-25, “dicey”, Any Mountain travel, no way.