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Investigators pull evidence from Kelsey Berreth’s home

Posted at 10:51 PM, Dec 20, 2018

WOODLAND PARK – Local, state and federal law enforcement returned to Kelsey Berreth’s Woodland Park townhome Thursday, taking several covered loads of evidence that could help explain her disappearance.

It’s the task force’s second evidence collection trip to her home in as many days.

Crime scene specialists with both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Colorado Bureau of Investigation were seen hauling out dozens of items covered in brown bags for a few hours Thursday night. It’s unclear why police keep returning to the home, what they are looking for and what they’ve already found.

News 5 also heard what sounded like the bang of a hammer coming from inside the home during the search.

Woodland Park Police released an update Thursday evening revealing few new details on the case. Officers continue to receive new information every day, and per the release, they are exhausting all investigative leads.

Before the search, News 5’s Sam Kraemer spoke with Berreth’s uncle, Ed Stanfill, on the phone.

Stanfill said he’s growing frustrated with the lack of public information being shared by police.

The lack of information may continue, as police said it’s “due to the needs of this investigation.”

However, as a way of preserving the investigation, he said he understands the process.

“I wish there was more facts they could share, but I understand if they can’t. There’s no way they want to jeopardize their case by letting something slip.. So, I understand that,” Stanfill said. “It’s just real frustrating when it’s been four weeks now, and we don’t know much more on the public side of it than we did originally.”

Berreth, 29, has now been missing for four weeks. She was last seen by her fiancé, Patrick Frazee, when he came to pick up their one-year-old daughter from Berreth on Thanksgiving.

The Woodland Park Police Department will pay up to $25,000 for information that leads to the safe return of Kelsey Berreth. Tips can be called into the Woodland Park Police Department at (719) 687-9262 or emailed to the dedicated email account at for investigators to follow up. If you have any information related to this case, please call the Woodland Park Police Department.