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A hundred kids to get a bike thanks to Dragonman

Posted at 3:49 PM, Dec 18, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS – The man that plays with big toys is providing Christmas cheer for little kids.

For the third year, Mel Bernstein, better known as Dragonman, is giving away new bikes, but not just anyone can get one.

“We want these to go to kids that really don’t have much of a family,” he said. “Don’t have a mom, maybe they don’t have a dad, their families can’t afford to buy them a Christmas present.”

Dragonman says that it is because of the support for his business, Dragon Arms, that he is able to do the giveaway each year. He plans to give away 100 bikes this year, and he is paying for them all out of his own pocket.

You can apply for a bike for a child in need. To do so, just send an email at In your message give a brief explanation of why the child would be a good recipient and if they are male or female.