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Neighbors react to heavy law enforcement presence in Florissant

Posted at 9:52 PM, Dec 15, 2018

FLORISSANT – Investigators continue to search the 35-acre property belonging to Kelsey Berreth’s fiance, Patrick Frazee, for any clues leading to the location of the missing Woodland Park woman.

The heavy law enforcement presence is captivating neighbors in the small town of Florissant, old and new.

Nancy Attaway says she’s been living in Florrisant “20 something years now.”

Meanwhile, Jesse Grabowski says he’s been “in Florissant since January.”

When they signed up for a small-town life, neither expected to see this kind of activity.

“Last couple of days we noticed a lot of unmarked cars, things like that, some detectives walking around,” noted Grabowski.

Vehicles belonging to sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement agencies moving up and down the road leading to the property of Patrick Frazee.

The disappearance of Kelsey Berreth is really sinking in now.

“It’s kinda scary, you know, thinking crime is moving closer in,” said Attaway.

Though they say no town is immune from this.

Attaway said, “It’s everywhere.”

“Every day in the news, there’s something else that’s going on and you know, to hit a small town like this it’s, definitely, you know, a little unsettling,” said Grabowski.

“But it affects everywhere now-a-days, there’s a whole bunch of crazy going around everywhere.”

But they still remain hopeful that this case has a good outcome.

“Safe resolution where she is found and alive,” said Grabowski.

“I’m hoping a good, positive thing comes out,” added Attaway.

The reward money in this case was actually donated anonymously.

If you have any information on Kelsey Berreth, Woodland Park Police want to hear from you immediately.

Their number is 719-687-9262.