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Remembering Tamu the giraffe

Posted at 8:41 PM, Dec 14, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS- The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo wants everyone to remember the lasting effect Tamu has had on the giraffe program.

Tamu died suddenly at the age of 32, weeks before her 33rd birthday.

She was the oldest giraffe in North America.

Keepers say her gentle demeanor and mothering instincts helped make the zoo’s breeding program on of the best in the nation. She was known this year for her care to giraffe calf Penny before she sadly died.

Tamu and Penny
Tamu and Penny at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in early 2018. (Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

“We miss her so much, and so do our guests who have already been telling us how much they miss Tamu. There are so many other giraffes here, we have 15 others to care for and love as well,” senior animal keeper Kayla Ringuette said.

Keepers said it’s very rare for a giraffe to live as long as Tamu did. Most in captivity make it to their early 20s. In the wild they usually don’t make it that long.
Giraffe are considered endangered species.