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Festival of Lights Parade draws more than 60,000 people

Posted at 9:26 PM, Dec 01, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS – The Festival of Lights Parade in Colorado Springs wrapped up its 34th year! It was a special occasion for families to come together in downtown Colorado Springs.

“I got family down from Denver and we get to spend time together,” said Len Trujillo.

“I have some aunts and uncles and people that live up here and i like to spend time with them,” said 9-year-old Weston Bunting.

And they’re here to see one thing. “All the really neat lights,” added Bunting. “Really like seeing the lights,” said Saige Trujillo.

For some, it’s a tradition. “Been coming here for, since my kids were little, 28 years,” said Andrew Marquez.

For others, it was a brand new experience.

“We moved from the Bahamas about two months ago so we came out here because we wanted to see it for the first time,” said 12-year-old Camryn Higgs.

But everyone had to bundle up and cope with the chilly weather.

“It’s cold, it’s really cold we’re not used to it yet,” added Higgs. “It could be a little warmer,” said 15-year-old Jon Oden.

Weston said, “I just don’t even think about it, I just – I’m so focused on the lights, I’m cold but I’m not thinking about that right now.”

And whether families were out here to spend quality time with each other or out to support someone in the parade…

“My school’s participating in this year’s parade of lights festival and i wanted to be here to support them,” added Oden.

“My sister is in the Chinook Trail Elementary School band and I’m kind of excited because I like to be here for my sister,” said 13-year-old Cole Felton.

Everyone was able to walk away with yet another cherished holiday memory.

“Just a good time to have something that brings all these people together.”

Event organizers say about 4,000 people were in the parade and up to 60,000 people lined up to watch it. That makes it the largest single-day event in the Pikes Peak Region.