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Officials working to find a missing half-blind wolf

Posted at 1:59 PM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-22 17:56:58-05
Missing Mexican Wolf Credit California Wolf Center

DIVIDE – Officials from the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and USDA Wildlife Services are working to track down a missing Mexican Grey Wolf that escaped the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center (CWWC) near Divide, on November 11th.

The male wolf and two littermates arrived earlier that morning and were released into the enclosure. Later that evening, the staff noticed that the wolf was missing. They contacted authorities who immediately initiated efforts to trap the animal.  So far, they haven’t been successful. Officials believe that the wolf remains in the general area, and are continuing to maintain traps in hopes of recapturing him soon.

Mexican wolves are protected as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Harming or killing a Mexican wolf is illegal unless it is in defense of a person’s life or the lives of others.

The escaped wolf is still young, having been born in a facility in 2017. He’s not considered to be a threat to human health or public safety. Subsequent to the reintroduction of Mexican wolves to the wild, wolf-human interactions have occurred but there have been no wolf attacks on humans. However, like all wildlife, the animal may become defensive if cornered or threatened.

If you happen to spot the young wolf, you’re encouraged to scare him if he’s seen at close proximity. The wolf is not externally marked (no radio collar, ear tag, etc.), but is distinguishable due to blindness in one eye. That eye is almost completely black.

If you have any information about the animal, you can call (866) 4USDA-WS (866-487-3297) or click here for their website.