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Ronald McDonald House works toward opening next spring

Posted at 5:03 AM, Nov 14, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, countless families across southern Colorado have a lot to be grateful for thanks to the Ronald McDonald House.

As we’ve reported, Ronald McDonald is working to build a second home here in Colorado Springs for families with sick kids. It will be located near the new children’s hospital at the corner of N. Union and Royal Pine Drive.

A Ronald McDonald House is currently open on Logan Avenue in Colorado Springs and more than 10,000 families have already called it home. We spoke to one family about just how much this place means to them.

Becky’s son Isaiah was born at just 26 weeks old.

“He was 1 pound 3 ounces 11 inches long. He was just a tiny little guy,” explained Becky Phipps. “That began my whole journey of an entirely different life.”

Though Isaiah survived, he was born with numerous health complications.

“His lungs didn’t develop he had surgery, he was going blind and they did surgery right away,” continued Becky.

That’s when she became acquainted with the Ronald McDonald House.

“I didn’t know what a Ronald McDonald house was,” Becky said. “The staff, the volunteers, they truly became my family.”

Over the course of Isaiah’s nearly 50 surgeries. Becky’s also called the Ronald McDonald House home.

“If it wasn’t for them I would have probably lived in my car,” said Becky. “I had nobody here at the time. They just became such a support team.”

Now at 12 years old, Isaiah is in the 6th grade and we’re told he’s become quite the talker.

“He’s always smiling and he didn’t talk for 6 years, we signed, and now he never shuts up,” added Becky.

They’re hoping to finish the Ronald McDonald house by late spring or early summer. To find out more about the Ronald McDonald House, volunteer, or to help them reach their goal click here.