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T-shirts taken during dispensary smash and grab

Posted at 2:10 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 21:06:42-04

COLORADO SPRINGS –  The Native Roots Dispensary on Austin Bluffs Parkway suffered some severe damage by burglars who reportedly got away with just some T-shirts.

Company spokesperson Kim Casey told reporters that all of the cannabis products in the store are locked away in a vault at the close of business as is required by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.

The burglary happened around 1:00 a.m.  Wednesday.  The Colorado Springs Police Department reports that multiple witnesses called to report the crime as it was happening. The suspects crashed a stolen minivan into the front door of the marijuana store to gain access.

Colorado Springs Police believe teens in a stolen minivan smashed into this Native Roots location.

Early on, managers thought the suspects may have also stolen some “display” joints that filled with oregano rather than cannabis.

“We have pre-rolled joints on display in our packaging, in our display cases and we do not put actual medicated product in them,” Casey explained. “So, we use oregano to simulate the cannabis.”

After taking inventory, she said the oregano joints were still inside the store.

According to the police, the suspects were seen leaving with marijuana containers. However, Casey showed reporters black and white cylinder-shaped containers which she explained hold the store’s t-shirts.

An officer spotted the getaway car used by the suspects in the area of Rebecca Lane about a mile south of the store. The driver of that vehicle maneuvered around the officer and got away, damaging the marked police car in the process.

Officers took detail descriptions of the suspects and the investigation is on-going. Native Roots did not release surveillance video of the burglary to the media because they did not wish to interfere with investigations by law enforcement and the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Casey said she hopes to be able to reopen the store in a couple of days.