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Woodland Park Students head back to school

Posted at 7:21 AM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 10:40:44-04

WOODLAND PARK – Students in Woodland Park are back in the classroom on Wednesday and 30 new teachers are welcoming students.

On top of the new teachers, there’s also a new Superintendant, Steve Woolf. This year, they’re introducing an innovative new program to get the kids outside of the classroom. The district is introducing the “Wild Program” and students will have the opportunity to learn about gardening, hiking, fishing and even camping. The program is being organized by the teachers and the staff.

Steve Woolf says many of the kids have parents that are too busy to do that, or they don’t have the money to do it. He says if the kids don’t have that opportunity at home, they’ll never get it. Woolf believes this is an opportunity to tie curriculum and experience to the great outdoors that we live in.

The staff says they’re planning on hosting their first wild activities this October, once the students are settled into the new school year.