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Boulder family mourning loss of family cat after mountain lion broke into home

Posted at 3:54 PM, Aug 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 10:29:51-04
Mountain Lion
A mountain lion broke into a Boulder home on the morning of Aug. 10, 2018.

BOULDER – A Boulder family is mourning the loss of their cat after a mountain lion broke into their home and killed the cat Thursday night.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said a mountain lion made its way into a home through a screen door in the 400 block of Marine Street Thursday. Once the mountain lion was inside, it was seen roaming throughout the house but was unable to escape.

CPW said the mountain lion was likely trying to get the family’s cat inside the home. According to 9News Denver, the residents were not home at the time.

But, one of the renters returned home just before 11 p.m. and discovered the dead house cat inside, 9News said. Fortunately, there were no other injuries reported.

CPW and police officers spent an hour persuading the mountain lion out of the house by using non-lethal bean-bag rounds, according to information obtained by 9 News.

The mountain lion has not been seen since, but CPW said extra officers will be in the area over the weekend to keep an eye out.

CPW has safety tips for when encountering mountain lions on its website. CPW says mountain lions are generally calm and quiet animals. But, interactions between humans and mountain lions have increased recently.

The increase is likely due to the following reasons:

  • More people moving into lion habitat
  • Increase in deer populations and density
  • Presumed increase in lion numbers and expanded range
  • More people using hiking and running trails in lion habitat
  • A greater awareness of the presence of lions.

People are asked not to approach a mountain lion, as most will avoid confrontation. For more safety tips on what to do if you encounter a mountain lion, click here.