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10 Ford trucks stolen at Denver International Airport within a week, Denver police say

10 Ford trucks stolen at Denver International Airport within a week, Denver police say
Posted at 9:28 AM, Nov 02, 2022

DENVER — Ten trucks were stolen at or around the Denver International Airport within the span of a week, according to the Denver Police Department.

“Glove box, center console was all ripped apart, tuff everywhere,” said Dane Dooley, describing the scene he and his girlfriend discovered after getting back from a recent trip.

They parked their 2015 Ford F-150 in DIA's Pikes Peak lot. Dooley suspects the break-in happened sometime between Oct. 7 and Oct. 10, since they arrived back in Denver on Oct. 11.

“We think that they got in, used some sort of tool to break the cylinder of the driver’s side door handle. They broke that and somehow jarred the door loose and got inside the hood, disabled the alarm,” Dooley explained. “They stole most of some personal goods — clothes for skis, Air Pods, stuff like that.”

Denver police say 10 Ford trucks — specifically F-150, 250 and 350 models — were reported stolen between Oct. 13 and Oct. 21 in District 7, which is made up of the airport and surrounding properties. Looking at data from Denver PD’s open data catalog, which was last updated on Oct. 24 , 330 cars were stolen from DIA and its surrounding areas.

This year, DPD says it's continuing to patrol parking lots and garages and conduct auto theft outreach to businesses. DIA stresses there are security systems in place throughout the area.

“That includes security cameras, that includes gates that are required to go in and out of,” said DIA spokesperson Alex Renteria.

While DIA can’t release specifics on future plans, Renteria assures travelers airport staff is working on ways to ensure their vehicles are safe.

“Some of those measures will be public, and some won’t be just for the safety of our passengers,” said Renteria.

Experts recommend adding an additional layer of protection for your vehicle, like a steering wheel club.

“There’s newer forms of steering wheel locks on the market to double dual claw ones, ones that rest on the dash to limit steering wheel mobility. There’s pedal immobilizers,” said Cale Gould with the Auto Theft Prevention Authority.

Dooley is still waiting to get his truck back from the shop and says repairs will cost upwards of $2,500 dollars, with his insurance covering about half of that.

When asked if he will park his car at the Pikes Peak lot again, Dooley responded, “I will not, no.”

DIA encourages travelers to call 303-342-4211 immediately if they see anything suspicious going on. They say that number goes directly to 911 at the airport.