Life goes on during pandemic with smaller wedding ceremonies

"I was marrying my best friend"
Life goes on during pandemic with smaller wedding ceremonies
Posted at 10:01 PM, May 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-10 14:17:09-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — The coronavirus has disrupted many parts of our lives, but people are finding creative ways to carry on with major life events during the pandemic. News5 spoke with one couple who recently got married at a socially distant ceremony, with only six people in attendance.

Phog and Linda Pywell have been planning their wedding on May 2 for a long time. They have known each other since high school, and are both starting graduate school this year. "We didn't really have a choice to reschedule, unless we wanted to do it four years from now," said Phog Pywell.

So, the two decided to proceed with their planned date, and drove from Kansas to Colorado for the big day. The Pywells each had one of their parents in attendance, and the only other people there were the photographer and minister. "We we're obviously pretty devastated when we had to make that decision. But I would just say, don't be afraid to embrace an elopement or a really tiny wedding like we had, because it turned out to be amazing and so intimate, and really true to who we are as a couple," said Linda Pywell.

The Pywells said they did miss having all of their family and friends there, but the smaller event allowed them to focus on what they wanted. "On the day of our wedding, we ended up video calling a lot of our friends and family. So, even though we felt their absence that day, we know that they were there with us in spirit," said Linda Pywell.

Shannon and Joe Terrell own Century Tree Co, serving as a photographer and a minister who doubles as a DJ for events. They just moved from Texas to Colorado last year, and said it's difficult to estimate the financial impact the virus will have on their business. However, the Terrell's said they believe it could decrease their revenue by 2/3 when compared to last year. "Potentially, this pandemic may just trend the entire industry toward smaller weddings in general," said Joe Terrell.

The Terrells documented and officiated the Pywell's wedding, and said it was an honor to be a part of something so intimate. "Your life doesn't have to stop. You still need to take precautions, you still need to be careful. That doesn't mean that love and friendship has to also be quarantined," said Joe Terrell.

The Terrells said they have had lots of clients postpone their weddings, and some cancel. They are still booking small events, like the Pywell wedding. CLICK HERE to learn more about Century Tree Co.