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Town of Breckenridge reveals new location for troll

Posted at 8:52 AM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-06 11:09:03-05
Breckenridge troll
(Photo courtesy of KOAA producer Lindsay Sax)

BRECKENRIDGE – Isak Heartstone is moving south.

The art piece that became a popular tourist attraction now has a new home. The Town of Breckenridge hosted a town meeting Monday night, which detailed the new location of the giant wooden troll.

The new location is located off of the Illinois Gulch trail on the southeast side of the town, near the Stephen C. West Ice Arena.

The town said the location made the most sense when considering factors like accessibility, proximity to bus routes, proximity to homes, as well as the “sense of adventure” visitors would feel while hiking in the area.

The town said it will post signs in the area that encourage visitors to leave no trace, stay on the trail and follow trail etiquette. The town also said it would monitor social media to encourage responsible behavior from visitors.

The troll was previously located off of the Wellington Trail, which drew thousands of visitors to the area, prompting concerns from neighbors.

The town made the decision to remove the troll from that location in November. The troll is currently sitting in storage, waiting to be revived in its new home in May.

CLICK HERE for more information about the new location.